Pre Tan Instructions:

  • Wax at least 24hrs before, Shave at least 12hrs before
  • Exfoliate & moisturise the day before your tan
  • Wear no creams, deodorant or perfume to your tanning appointment
  • Dark loose clothes are recommended to be worn after your tan
  • Post Tan Instructions:
  • Wear no creams, deodorant or perfume to your tanning appointment
  • Dark loose clothes are recommended to be worn after your tan

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My Name is Therasa Allen. I am a spray tanning technician located in the Brighton area. I work from home in a specially designed room. When looking to go into Spray tanning back in March 2008, I researched long and hard to find a quality product which was superior and different to all the others. I initially found what I was looking for in Liquid sun by VANI-T.


VANI-T is an Australian product and it was one of the few spray tans which used all NATURAL and ORGANIC ingredients. In addition to that it also provides intense hydrating and skin firming properties packed with multi-vitamins and antioxidants to leave your skin looking and feeling healthy, toned and youthful. For years I got superb results for my clients by using VANI-T. However, many new products have entered the tanning market, most of which I have sampled but not felt good enough to offer my clients. This changed, when I was offered a sample of a new product called UNREAL. It ticked all the boxes that Liquid sun did and more. UNREAL, again only uses high quality natural based ingredients, has no awful smell and gives a fantastic flawless tan which looks so natural. It also has nourishing super ingredients such as Jojoba, Hyaluronic Acid renowned for its skin rejuvenating powers. Green Tea, Red Riboose Leaf, Hibiscus & Aloe Vera so every tan is like a skin treatment! Another thing that makes UNREAL stand out from the others is how much drier and lighter the solution is to wear whilst your tan is developing.


UNREAL solution comes in various strengths, giving me a wide choice of shades, meaning there is a colour for everyone, from the palest of skin to the olive darker tones, ensuring that everyone gets a natural looking sun kissed tan instead of the dreaded orange look!


 I have tanned women who have never ever been able to get a decent tan from the sun or other tanning products and the results have been fantastic. Part of my customer care is to contact new clients to make sure they are completely satisfied, therefore I can confidently say that all my clients have been hugely impressed.


The spraying takes less than 10 minutes and the solution dries instantly. A normal appointment will take no longer than 15 minutes, although your first appointment may take up to 25 minutes to allow for me to explain all about spray tanning, answer any queries you may have and for me to complete your record card.




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